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App Locker & Privacy Guard

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App Locker Plus is free app locker, free app protector and free your lock screen with passcode, pattern code, keypad lock
App Locker Plus is a best app lock for everyone with a strong power app locking function !
★ Setting lock, Wifi lock (unlock to change)
★ Keep your privacy by protect private, individual apps !
★ Not consume RAM, battery and other system resources like others!
★ Very useful app lock (applock) when share your phone with friend or your child, kids .
► App lock (applock) and application protection Features:
★ Lock SMS, Lock text message, Gmail, Email, Contact, Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Photos Gallery, Financial, etc.
★ Unlock: use Pin code (pass code), password, Pattern code, Finger print (from v1.1.5)
★ App protector: protect your app, hide app icon
★ App manager: app uninstall, app detail
★ Keep your data secure from prying eyes.
★ Material designed
★ Prevent uninstall app lock with devices admin
★ Delay lock time (30 second)
★ Protect uninstalled and installed
1. Home screen:
Show locked app list where you can add new app to locked list from add app to lock dialog
2. App list screen:
Where show to you all installed app on the phone, you can select by long hold on app icon afterward you can choose add app to locked list or uninstall or show detail app info
3. Setting screen:
- You can turn OFF locking function temporary here (remember turn ON again !)
- Change PIN code
- Turn ON/OFF pending PIN input function if other user inputted wrong 3 times
- Turn ON/OFF use current wallpaper for locking screen function
- AppLocker+ is not spy or data tracking app
- AppLocker+ do not grap and tracking any data on your phone
=> All feed back, please send mail to


What's New

★Auto check update
★Now! You can hidden applocker+ icon, easy open app from dial pad
★New user interface: Split to multi tab from single screen in old version.
★Reset Pin code/Pattern easily:
Now! easy reset to new pin code and pattern code if forgot them by setup a email
★New lock screen:
+ New lock screen with circle input number keypad
+ Allow you can turn ON/OF vibrate feature in inputting
+ Now ! Can choose any image from gallery to use for lock screen background



Update: 2016-11-27


Requires: Android4.1 or later



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